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Fee Schedule

Conventional Appraisal: $400+   UAD Form: $450+

Condo: $425+

Complex Residential Appraisal: $475+

FHA/USDA Appraisal: $450+

Exterior Only: $300+

Land Only: Vacant Lot: $250

Lot with dock or outbuildings: $300
Vacant Acreage: $400

  Acreage with outbuildings: $450+

Inspection Fee: Draw Inspection: $100

Final Inspection/Recertification/Update: $125

Multi Family: $550

Commercial Appraisals: Call For Quote

Additional fees may apply for travel depending on distance.

Additional fees may apply to cover 3rd party vendor or work flow management fees.

For any questions please call our office and we would be happy to help. You may also send us an email.

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